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What is Themelly

Themelly.com is an idea to educate or inform you all about various themes and easy tutorials on how to design and setup different websites. Every aspect of web designing like various themes, useful or must have plugins, how-to- tutorials and many more such related topics.

Establishment of Themelly

We started writing about website design asset like themes, plugins, code and also tutorial  on September 10, 2021. The approach to start this informative website specially focused on how-to and tutorials in web designing especially in WordPress themes and plugins was from before two years.

Inspiration behind Themelly

The idea to cover and populate the information on electric vehicles was there from taking inspiration from Tesla. But as we in India are struggling with so much pollution in our cities, we thought everyone should have the knowledge about Electric Vehicles. And approach to use them as soon as we have reliable technology and affordability in our country. As we are also having fuel prices on so much hike, electric vehicles are the best we can accept in our lives.

Themelly Team

Currently, we are a team of two. We are trying to take more content writers on board. We also looking to have guest posts. If you are willing to share your idea on a particular topic, you can Contact us to have one. Thank you!